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"Practice makes Permanent."
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More About CiDS Gymnastics

Gymnastics for all.

CiDS Gymnastics opened it's doors in January 2016. We teach boys and girls from 4 - 16 years old, recreational gymnastics with qualified, vetted and professional coaches. We teach 1 hour long sessions up to age 8 years old and up to 2 hour sessions from 9 years old. 

Gymnastics can provide a strong basis for any sport. It is a disciplined and fun sport. It has been proven in recent years that children with academic learning

difficulties, physical and mental disabilities performance may improve as gymnastics works the brain and motor skills. It has been reported that children's confidence improves over a short period while practicing this sport.

We also run Easter, Summer and Halloween camps for that extra bit of fun when the kids are on school breaks. We hold regular proficiency gradings for the kids, have club competitions a few times each year and we also participate in the community games.

The CiDS

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The Rules


Gym rules

  1. All children must arrive on time for class. Warm up is an essential part of class as it prepares the children for exercise and helps to prevent injury like sprains and sore muscles.

  2. Proper attire should be worn. Boys wear leotard with shorts/tracksuit bottoms and tshirt. Girls wear leotard with shorts or leggings and t-shirt.

  3. Hair should be tied back neatly, both for boys and girls. No long fringes or large fancy clip/bows etc.

  4. Coach should be made aware of any allergies/ medical conditions or learning disabilities your child may have. 

  5. Coach should be made aware of any injuries prior to class.

  6. Children must listen to their coach and not do anything other than what is asked of them. The gym is a dangerous place if careless. 

  7. A drink should be brought with you to class. Every class. No fizzy or energy drinks are allowed. Energy drinks are not recommended for under 16yrs. 

  8. Children should ask a coach for permission when going to the toilet or to get a drink

  9. Each child should have a copy book for their classes. They are required to learn routines for competitions and gradings and it may be called upon during any class. Please help your child to learn their routine or grading at home so it will be easier to recall in class

  10. For competition, each child should have a leotard to wear, no socks, gym shoes are permitted and hair very neatly slicked back out of their face. 

  11. Any bad behaviour/language in class will be reported back to parent/ guardian. 

  12. Any incidents in class will be recorded and a parent/ guardian must sign this sheet before the child leaves the gym We want our gym to be a safe and fun environment for children.

  13. All Covid Protocols are followed in the gym. Temp taken at the door, hand sanitising and all coaches wear masks when within 1 m of children. All equipment is sanitised during and after classes


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