8 Tips on how to be a great Gymnast.

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Be on timeArrange a good schedule, and make sure you leave a good amount of time to get to your class. Showing up on time will help your coach know that you're reliable and that in future competitions you'll definitely be there to compete. Also, remember your leotard and other equipment. This will prove that you are a committed and serious student.

Work hardNot just vault, floor, beam, bars. Also, work hard in the conditioning and stretching. But don't go too far, especially with the stretching.

Ask your coach for tipsIf you are in a group like most gymnasts, asks for tips that are most important to you. But if you have a private coach, ask them help for all skills, learn to deal with criticism, because most coaches don't mean to insult you. Use the tips.

Set goals for yourself to reachMaybe it's something like getting better at handsprings, or something like getting your split jumps higher. What ever it is, if you have a goal in mind, it makes it easier to achieve it. The only way to work towards mastering all your skills is to try, and practice, and try again. In every new skill you learn, you have to attempt it, so set goals to what skills you want to attempt at each practice.

Be willing to practice hundred percentIf you try your best and practice this all the time, you'll be a dedicated gymnast in no time! If you want to be a good gymnast, you need to commit to the sport. Sometimes you have to realize that you can't always hang out with your friends.

Be dedicated to gymnasticsUsually some people practice gymnastics for even four or five hours everyday, without their lessons. Typical gymnasts usually train for three to four hours, three times every week. If you wish to be a competitive gymnast the training hours will increase prior to an event. You must make sure that you are ready to commit to many training sessions that may affect your daily routine. You also don't have to train this much in the gym, this training can be done at home !

Do upper and lower body workoutsDo different kinds of push-ups like basic push-ups, fist pushups, pushups with your elbows pointed inwards, knee pushups when you are tired, pushups with your legs higher, handstand pushups, and wall pushups if you are a beginner. You can even add weights to your push-ups. Also try plank holds. Jumps, straight-jumps, lunges again, v-hold, arch-hold, tuck ups/v ups, and/or dish holds could help. There are many healthy variations. Even try some exercises for a full body work-out. Try burpees, frog jumps, and basically all exercise where you go to the ground and get back up then jump.

Remember to stay fit and healthyThis is very important. Always have a healthy diet. This does not mean to stop eating, it means to eat less unhealthy junk food. Make sure that you eat a small energy snack before a long training session, otherwise you will find yourself running out of energy before the end of training.

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